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#Researcher, Department of Political Science, #Gothenburg

Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, until 2017-02-27
Extent: 50-100 %
Location: Department of Political Science, Gothenburg
First day of employment: As soon as possible
Reference number: PAK 2016/1480 about_the_university/ announcements-in-the-job- application-portal/? languageId=0&disableRedirect= true&id=19144&Dnr=783933&Type= E​

The research program Anticorrp seeks at least one Reseacher

The Department of Political Science has an open climate which encourages involvement in broader societal debates. Research areas of specialization include elections, democracy, corruption, governance, globalization, environmental politics as well as European studies. The department houses research programs such as QoG institute, Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem), Governance and local development (GLD and The Swedish Election Studies Program. The department offers education on all levels; undergraduate, graduate and PhD, carried out in both English and Swedish. We have a total of 1,300 students enrolled in our courses, and 140 people are employed at the Department. The Department is centrally located in the city of Gothenburg.

The Quality of Government (QoG) Institute at the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg conducts research on how trustworthy, reliable, impartial, uncorrupted and competent government institutions can be obtained. The Institute is financed by external grants and currently engages about 25 researchers and doctoral students. The ANTICORRP project is a large-scale research program that is led by the Quality of Government (QoG) Institute, and funded by the EU Commission. The program investigates the factors that promote or hinder the development of effective anticorruption policies and impartial government institutions and involves 20 research institutions in 15 European countries.

Responsible for the QoG Institute is Associate Professor Marcia Grimes and for the ANTICORRP Associate Professor Monika Bauhr. Dr Andreas Bågenholm is the Program Manager for the QoG Institute and the ANTICORRP program. More information about the QoG Institute can be found at and for the ANTICORRP at

Job assignments
The ANTICORRP project currently seeks at least one researcher with the main task to extract and communicate the project's main findings and research results in a policy friendly format. The job also includes assisting in writing research reports to be reported to the European Commission.

You should have a master degree in Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics and/or related field. A PhD in any of the above fields and experience of working with STATA, are additional merits. Given the short introduction and time of employment, we are looking for you with prior research experience as closely connected as possible to above described project area.

You should have excellent analytical skills and high skills in understanding research findings on corruption and quality of government. We expect you to have very strong ability to effectively communicate, in writing, the research findings to both academic and policy audiences. All communication will be in English, therefore excellent skills in English are a requirement.

To be able to carry out described task successfully we expect that you are highly independent and sociable person who thrives in a demanding and flexible working environment
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