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Regional Bologna Forum

Dear Sir/Madame,

in the time of obligations that are ahead of us, a reminder is always welcome. The first Regional Bologna Forum is getting closer, so I will take the opportunity to introduce you to the decision of the Organizing and Program Committee concerning the delivery of the abstract. As our Call for Papers arrived at the holidays , it is unrealistic to expect interested participants to send their abstracts by September 1, 2016. the deadline was moved to October 1, 2016. because the complete papers will be submitted after the conference.

We have decided to repeat and to move deadline for Call for papers because we want to get as many colleagues in the academic community to respond, and directly attend the presentation of the results of the study made by European Commission on the higher education provision and labor market opportunities for graduates from the Universities of the Western Balkan countries. European Commission Directorate for Education and Culture has supported the idea of the first Regional Bologna Forum. In a letter sent to the College of Tourism and Management Konjic they stress that the Regional Bologna Forum is an ideal way to ensure greater commitment and participation of all social actors in full implementation of Bologna Declaration principles. Bologna Regional Forum is considered a complement to the work of the European Commission within the Platform for education and training in the Western Balkans, which began in 2012.

In that sense, Directorate-general for Education and Culture in particular referred to the importance of the initiative on reform of higher education in our region, which will be discussed in the conference.

We have the announcement and application by the political actors in the region, which certainly influence decision-making and passing laws that affect all of us.​ This will certainly be one of the rare meeting of all those who participate in creating the future. Welcome! For any questions please feel free to contact us.

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Full call for papers here:
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