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Stanford ​GSB Research Fellows Program (Pre-PhD)

Hi all, if you have undergrads past or present that are considering getting
a PhD in political science or another social science field, the two year
pre-doctoral program below may be of interest. It would be a great
opportunity to get excellent methods training and experience doing
political science, economics, psychology, or other social science research.

The deadline and notification timelines are designed for people to be able
to apply to both PhD programs and the Research Fellows program at the same
time (which, if they get in and choose to go, they would then complete
before they begin a PhD program).

The ​Stanford ​GSB Research Fellows Program ( programs/research-fellows) is a pre-doctoral
program that offers valuable research and academic training for those
interested in pursuing PhD programs in business and related fields.
Fellows have the opportunity to do research with GSB Faculty mentors​,​
take doctoral-level courses, and fully engage in the intellectual life at
GSB. Fellows ​receive a fellowship that includes living stipend and tuition.

For more information contact us at
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